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3 min readJun 16, 2021


No doubt it has been quite an unexpected turn of events,

We had a very successful fund raising round, we sold out in record breaking time, adrenalines were pumped, everyone was ready to get this ship to the moon. We scheduled to list on the same day.

However, with every great fit comes great challenges, we had a crazy amount of bots aiming at the Moonkat contract, a rash decision would have been to list anyways, not paying attention to who gets burned but since we wanted the success of the entire community, we decided to halt the launch to avoid significant losses and moved to a later date, where we could further enhance our anti bot measures and have it audited by solid group as well as KYC by solid group to further enhance the trust and motion that were here to stay and not for short term rewards.

What happened within this period ?

While the postponed launch seemed like the best approach, it wasn’t without its own hassles, a lot of scam contracts + huge numbers of scam TG groups + fake twitters accounts, trying to impersonate OXB and Moonkat and sadly some unsuspecting investors were robbed of their hard earned money , despite our continuous warnings and channel updates.

However OXB in their gracious manner decided to compensate investors who were harmed by the compromised tweet on their page. We came to terms with them to sell approximately 5% of the initial tokens intended to be locked away forever for a cost of 55 BNB, which will be airdropped to the affected users to view the list click OXB Affected users. To be clear this is only for users who lost funds via the compromised tweet within the 5secs it was online. OXBULL won’t be doing this, if it doesn’t care about its investors and community.

Going forward

We have updated our tokenomics and sale structure, for transparency.

Total BNB Raised
Moonkat Token Distribution

Our full audit, enhanced anti-bot measures and KYC by solid group would be published shortly, to clear every doubt and assure our investors that Moonkat is here to stay. For everyone that’s been part of this journey in the past one (1) month, you would agree that we’ve been very aggressive with our marketing agenda and we intend to become even more aggressive in the days before listing on pancake swap and keep the fire burning even more after listing, with the marketing plans on ground, I would be surprised not see Moonkat reach 100k holders in record breaking time, just like we had a breaking presale.

For the most asked question so far, when is the new listing date ?

19th June 12:30 UTC, this is to give us ample time to intensify marketing before the listing as well as take advices from the community because MoonKat is first a community based project before any other utility.

Final Thoughts

Its okay to have your doubts and reservations but think about this; if we were scammers and not the real deal, we could have easily created a private presale contract like most people demanded and left without a trace, but we decided to partner with a top 10 launchpad, have our KYC and audit to ensure our community gets a full taste of the moon, we will continue to prove this in the coming days. Suit up, have some faith and get ready for the ride.



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