The Moonkat Lottery TestNet Airdrop

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2 min readJul 3, 2021


The main purpose of the event

  • Let the community interact with the Moonkat new lottery feature on the TestNet
  • Users will see how to participate in the Lottery and win prizes.

Duration of Airdrop

The TestNet lottery airdrop event starts on the 4th of July & Ends on the 6th of July

Getting Started with SmartChain TestNet

  • If you haven’t used the BSC TestNet network before now, this tips might come in handy, if you familiar with the TestNet network, feel free to skip.
  • To read the article for connecting to the TestNet for MetaMask click HERE
  • To get the free BNB Faucets for the test net , click here

How the lottery works:

The Moonkat TestNet lottery will work as follows :
Participants would be credited with 45,000 MKAT Test Net Tokens.

Make sure you are on the SmartChain TestNet when you want to participate
Buy lottery tickets with MKAT
You Win if 2, 3, or 4 of your ticket numbers match the latest winning numbers.

At the conclusion of the lottery, all MKAT gotten would be distributed as follows:
40% goes to Winner

20% goes to 2nd Place

10% goes to 3rd Place

Remaining 30% of tokens will be burnt.

If there is no winner the 40% goes to the 2nd place winner.

We’ll be giving out 5,000MKAT to each of the Top 50 referrers and 50 random participants of the TestNet lottery.



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