Weekly burning, When Marketing ? When moon? When can I claim my BNB?

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2 min readJun 21, 2021

The following are some updates the team will be making:

Weekly burning:

The team has decided for the next 1 Month to use the BNB Rewards from Team and Marketing tokens, to purchase MKAT and burn it forever, 60M MKAT tokens have so far been burnt leaving a current total supply of 940MILLION MKAT.
With weekly burns, our total supply would be reduced even further, the goal is for MKAT to reach $1 in 6months from now.
The Weekly Token Burn Ceremony will take place weekly after BNB Rewards have been claimed by the community we will be buying 2 million MKAT tokens and sending it to the zero address. The first Burn will happen 21st June by 1600 UTC.

When Marketing? When moon? When Lambo?

We have an out-of-the box vision for marketing and plans are in motions, so sit tight and watch our community grow.
First, We have an ongoing reddit promotion, then we will start a content creators campaign later this week, we are currently reaching out to top Influencers and we should have our Coinhunt promotion in 48 hours.

We are working tirelessly to see Moonkat community moon as well as the Moonkat Token Price, so we will continue to work hard and continue to be transparent as a team. We also need our Kats now to spread the word , introduce your friends to MoonKat and tell them about our Amazing features. Remember to shun scammers or fudders.

When can I claim my BNB?

The claim BNB rewards activity is a weekly cycle, we decided not to fast track the claim time like every other platforms do, this ensures the pool doesn’t get drained by apes who have no real interest in the project.
Our priority is to reward loyal MKAT holders who are willing to fly with the MoonKat team.
We will continue to be selfless as much as possible while piloting this spaceship. All we asking for is your trust and your support.

See you on the moon.

MoonKat Team



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