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2 min readAug 11, 2021


“Innovation is the creation of the new or the re-arranging of the old in a new way”. — Michael Vance.

In the past weeks, The Moonkat team has taken some time to analyze several models and intensely planned the way forward for our Moonkat Finance.

The team had meetings on Seeking to modify some complexities, keeping the BNB pool healthy as well as replenishing the pool with funds from products & services.

We will like to update the Kat community about new updates to the projects in the coming months.

Going Forward, What to expect ?

In a bid to resolve some concerns we experienced in the initial phases of project launch and to keep the price sustainable, the team would be introducing some interesting features and mechanisms to the project — A static Reflection , staking model , Auto Burn mechanism. The implementation of these features would be explained as we go further in this article.

A New Tax System

A crucial part of the fundamental change requires we modify the existing tax method.

The tax on transactions (Buy, sell, transfer) . The tax system will be modified for a better price action.



Moonkat will be introducing its own charting tool, A revolutionary charting tool that will reward both platform users and project owners for utilizing the tool. More details on the operation of this platform will be revealed in the coming days.


After running a couple simulations on the most sustainable BNB approach, The Moonkat team has introduced a staking MKAT to earn BNB mechanism. The BNB rewards will be generated from the Ads revenue.

To Earn BNB on Moonkat , users would need to Stake MKAT For 340 hours (2 weeks)

Users who stake would be entitled to receive the proportion of their staked amount to the proportion of BNB in the pool.

Introducing A Decentralized Launchpad

Moonkat is looking to integrate a decentralized launchpad to her platform.

Think DXSALE with a spin.

More details on this coming.

In conclusion, Moonkat team is working behind the scene to release blockchain game changing applications. More details and documents will be released as we develop further, to keep the community updated.

Don’t sell your lambo for peanuts, BIG things are coming.



MoonKat Finance

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